Welcome to the Crossroads website

The walk fromt the flat to the Hall heading southwest.

The walk fromt the flat to the Hall heading southwest.

Welcome to The Crossroads Project, an initiative to build an ecologically sustainable community, with excellent facilities for medieval activities.

The cooperative owns a beautiful property in the Shire of Yass, NSW, adjacent to a national park, and easy to get to from nearby Canberra.

The site offers lots of opportunities for visitors: Whether you want to escape for a weekend artist’s retreat; do some bushwalking or orienteering; hunt with binoculars for our Powerful Owls; or just relax and gaze up at the stars; the Crossroads site is a perfect spot for you.

The cooperative’s goal is to build a medieval village on the property.  We have already made a start, with the building of a small hall on the site, which we hope to complete soon.

We wish to foster traditional crafts and skills and establish partnerships with a variety of national organisations for pre-industrial crafts, for example in blacksmithing, pottery, glassmaking, or embroidery.  If your craft/art/ecological interest group has been looking for a place to settle down or simply a place where you can join in with a project, talk to us – maybe we can help each other!

Perhaps you would like to practice your carpentry skills, or use a forge, or learn to make mudbricks, or set up a medieval herb garden… there are so many opportunities and ways in which you can participate and learn with and from the members of the cooperative.

In the long term, Crossroads intends to provide craft workshops and camping facilities for community groups, artisans and the public.  At the moment the facilities on the site are simple and basic, but even so, we can offer groups some fascinating experiences on a beautiful private site.