Becoming a member.

Joining the Crossroads Cooperative gives you an opportunity to have a say in the future of the project, and the ability to contribute actively towards its success.

Membership costs A$1300, of which at least $100 must be paid up front and the rest paid off at minimum $25 per month. There is also an annual subscription, currently $99 including GST, and an obligation to be involved in 5 activities each year, likely to be simplified to involvement in at least one activity a year plus payment of the subscription. These activities are not onerous and overseas members can undertake research or promotion for us. You also have the option of paying a lifetime subscription of $1375 which covers your annual subscription fees forever!

You can download any of the membership forms here:

Why a co-operative?

Our group was established as a co-operative because it guarantees all our members an equal say in the achievement of our common goal: a superb facility for medievalists, and a model for environmentally sustainable development.

A co-op is similar in many respects to a conventional company, with the “one member, one vote” rule and adherence to the international co-operative principles.

Further, members are able to participate in the running of our co-operative, which is more a community of like-minded individuals.

Our group, the Crossroads Medieval Village Co-operative Ltd, is supervised by the New South Wales Registry of Co-operatives. The co-op formed in 1992.

The following link shows Crossroads listed as a co-op . Also see our administrative information page to obtain further information about our co-op.

Non-Profit status

Crossroads is a ‘Non-Trading’ co-operative. This means that any profits must be reinvested in the project or in services to members, and cannot be paid out as dividends. In the event the co-op closed down, any surplus funds would go to non-profit group/s with related aims.

The members elect a board of 7 directors who run the co-op on a day to day basis. There are plenty of opportunities for new directors with something to contribute.