Buying a Block


Our plan is to develop a residential subdivision where Co-op members will be able to build their own houses on their own house lots, and retain a share in the common land (Community Title).

Lots will be between 600 m2 and 1,200 m2, and each cluster of houses will be surrounded by permaculture parkland.

The house lots will be offered to members in member number order. Not all members intend to build on site, and some members are couples, so there are likely to be a choice of blocks for some time.

We will not know the price until the servicing is undertaken, but as a guide we expect the cost for a house lot to be between A$30,000 – A$50,000.

Car Access

The entry road will come to the edge of the hamlet, where there will be a parking barn. In keeping with the medieval theme, there will be paths for walking and horse transport, and these can be used for emergency vehicle access.

There are some house lots planned to face directly on to the entry road; prospective residents wishing to have a private garage should select one of these. Back to top

House Design

All buildings within the residential area must respect the project’s themes, being medievally inspired and environmentally responsible. They must also be designed to resist bushfires.

Within the residential area, clusters of houses may choose special themes, such as a re-creation of a particular medieval housing style, and then additional design criteria may apply. Back to top


The fresh water supply for each house will be rainwater from the roof, to be stored in tanks.

Houses will generally have composting toilets, which conserve water and produce rich compost as a byproduct. Greywater will be diverted to common reedbed systems, purified and reused for garden and orchard irrigation.

We expect to supply grid power and telephone to each house. In the long run, we would like to utilise alternative energy, exporting back to the grid when we have a surplus. Back to top


The Management Statement for the residential development will specify that all pets must be kept within your own house lot boundary, unless they are being walked on a lead (or in a dedicated and fenced exercise area if provided).

Yes, keeping cats within your yard requires special fence design. The co-op members made that decision to encourage native wildlife and protect the adjoining nature reserve. Back to top

The Community Guild

The Community Guild will govern the residential component of the project, in line with the NSW Community Titles Act. It is similar to the Body Corporate for a block of flats.

The main functions will be:

  • to review structures and fixtures for medieval accuracy and environmental issues; and
  • to provide community services in exchange for an annual levy.

There is a Management Statement which sets out the laws for the development, and in addition the Community Guild may develop appropriate by-laws.