Report An Incident

We want Crossroads to be a safe space for all people, especially the weak and vulnerable.

If you have any concerns, or need to report an incident, please use one of the following forms. We can then make sure the appropriate action is taken.

If the situation is an emergency please contact the Police on 000.

To report an accident, use of First Aid, a WHS hazard, or if you are concerned about a vulnerable person (child, youth or adult) please use the Incident and Hazard report.

If you would like to report a concern about a member of staff or a ministry volunteer, please use the Safe Ministry Misconduct Report.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact:

Nathan de Meillon, 
Crossroads Business Manager

Emma Warren, 
Crossroads Council Safe Ministry Representative

For all other concerns please email

All other policies can be found on our policy page.