What is Springfest?

This spring Crossroads Christian Church is hosting a series of events from 13-16 October including an interactive discussion of forgiveness, a talk on justice (with a special event for youth on the same topic) and a service of prayer and wholeness. We'd love for you to come and check out our church as well at any of our regular locations.


Saturday 15 October

Healing: A service of prayer and wholeness
We live as broken people in a broken world that cries out for relief and restoration. At this special service, we will hear of God's heart and promise for those who are weighed down in their pain, and we will pray for the relief and healing only God can bring.
COST: Free
VENUE: Merici College Gym, Wise Street, Braddon

Sunday 16 October

Grace: A surprise gift Our world tells us to look out for ourselves, and to get what we deserve, and to hold to our rights. But imagine a world where we didn't quite get what we want, but we got something better?