Over the last 26 years Crossroads has been a spiritual home to  many people. Here are some of their stories.
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Roger Tanton

Former student
I loved going to this church in 1999 when I was an international student👍 was such a blessing. I'm now living in Ashford, Kent, UK. I became a Christian in Canberra in 1999. The Christian Union (FOCUS) and Crossroads was so helpful for me. I'm a Pastor now and coincidentally I shared my testimony in our online church service on Sunday mentioning Crossroads! Great times!

Joel & fam.

Current Attendees
We come to Crossroads to build up and to be built up by the family of Christ for the glory of God.
Currently going to North
We come each week because of Crossroad's commitment to faithfully teach God's word and explore what this means for our lives. 
Currently Going to Lake G
What I look forward to most is hearing how the gospel moulds and shapes the lives of my church family.


Currently going to North
I love going to church each Sunday for the sense of community. Crossroads is like a big family.


Currently going to North
When I first started coming to Crossroads I was inspired by the bible based teaching at church and by the witness of people in my Growth Group. Over 10 years later these are still the things I love about Crossroads.
Prince David
Current at North
At Crossroads I really love listening to the weekly talks as I find them really practical for every day life.
Current at Belconnen
I come to Crossroads each week to hear about Jesus and his message of salvation from the Bible and encourage others who also come to keep searching him out.
Currently going to North
Crossroads feels like home.
Former City member
I was part of Crossroads City Church back in 2003 to 2006. My time at Crossroads  was a crucial part of my growth as a follower of Christ. It grounded my faith and theology. It is where I began to love the bible and it is the place that walked me through my wrestling with faith. It is also through Crossroads and FOCUS ministries that brought me to see my sins and accept Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I moved back to Singapore in 2006. Life is hard but God is still good, He is still the way, the truth and the life.