Crossfire is our youth ministry, for school years 7-12, and there’s lots that we do with small groups, camps, missions and our Friday Youth Group! Sharing in life with Jesus together, and sharing the good news of Jesus with Canberra youth is Crossfire’s purpose. Whether you would call yourself a Christian or you’re not sure, or you’re just interested in finding out more, Crossfire is a great community in which to explore life with Jesus with others in exactly the same boat.

At Crossfire we’re keen to share our lives with each other, to encourage each other, to get to know God better and to let God make a real difference in our lives. Crossfire Youth Group meets on Friday nights during the school term. We usually spend time looking at parts of the Bible to check out what it means for us today, along with lots of activities, small group time, prayer and song.


For youth to have fun learning about life in Jesus
Friday Nights during school terms

JUNIORS (Years 7-9)
7:30-9:15pm, Merici College Gym (crnr Wise & Ipima St’s, Braddon)
SENIORS (Years 10-12)
7:30-9:15pm, Merici College Auditorium (crnr Wise & Ipima St’s, Braddon)

If you are visiting for the first time, or you are bringing a friend for the first time, parents are asked to complete the Crossfire Visitor Registration form.


Safe Ministry

Crossroads adheres to Safe Ministry, find out more on the policies page below.