Over the last 2000 years, Jesus has been recognised as the most significant person in history. His unconventional way of thinking, notion of identity and ideas of love have revolutionised the world. There is not a day in our twenty-first-century society that has not been affected by his ideas and thoughts. His radical ideas of looking after the vulnerable and loving your neighbour are today standard practices. But his ideas of going beyond what is expected to love your enemies and to flee from immoral thinking are still divinely profound. But these are only a handful of his claims.

If you would like to meet this extraordinary man, the Jesus of the Bible, who changed the world, come to Jesus on life. Or if you don’t know who this Jesus is but would like to learn more about this radical thinker and his claims, then Jesus on Life is for you, too. Or if you have questions about Jesus or Christianity, whether you’re a Christian or not, come to Jesus on Life.

Jesus on Life is a four-week series that looks at the life of Jesus and what he had to say about life. Each session is a casual evening with a short talk and a chance to ask any questions you might have about Jesus and Christianity over coffee and dessert.

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Jesus On Life is for enquirers, doubters, sceptics and those who honestly want to wrestle through the bible and its teachings. It is a short 4 week series looking at the claims of Jesus and what they mean for your life.

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