Hear Tim, Tegan and Issac's story:

Christ's salvation is open to everyone who trusts in His word. It is not limited to individuals with specific characteristics or abilities; nor is it dependent on a person's ability to respond.
Since every person in this world needs the gospel, we invite you to share His good news with urgency with adults with intellectual disabilities in order that we might save some through faith in Him.
Introduction to Disability by Rev Dr Kirk Patston
Rev Dr Kirk Patston on disability and how the Bible offers thought-provoking and life-giving perspectives on disability.
Embodied Hope: A Theological Meditation on Pain and Suffering by Kelly Kapic
This book will make no attempt to defend God... . If you are looking for a book that boasts triumphantly of conquest over a great enemy, or gives a detached philosophical analysis that neatly solves an absorbing problem, this isn't it."**Too often the Christian attitude toward suffering is characterized by a detached academic appeal to God's sovereignty, as if suffering were a game or a math problem. Or maybe we expect that since God is good, everything will just work out all right somehow. But where then is honest lament? Aren't we shortchanging believers of the riches of the Christian teaching about suffering? In Embodied Hope Kelly Kapic invites us to consider the example of our Lord Jesus. Only because Jesus has taken on our embodied existence, suffered alongside us, died, and been raised again can we find any hope from the depths of our own dark valleys of pain. As we look to Jesus, we are invited to participate not only in his sufferings, but also in the church, which calls us out of isolation and into the encouragement and consolation of the communal life of Christ. Drawing on his own family's experience with prolonged physical pain, Kapic reshapes our understanding of suffering into the image of Jesus, and brings us to a renewed understanding of-and participation in-our embodied hope.
Take Heart: Families Living with Disability by Kate Hurley
This book faces the hard theological questions about disability in a warm and encouraging way using short biblical reflections and first-person narratives. Take Heart is written for parents, grandparents and family friends of those who are coping with disability.
Is Disability Normal by Stephanie Hubach
We can sometimes be confused about how disability impacts life in this world. But it’s only when we understand how Western society views disability, and how this contrasts with the Bible’s view, that we can begin to better understand the experience of disability and more effectively include people with disabilities in the church.