The IT Manager will be responsible for managing the Crossroads’ IT environment and would report to the Office/Business Manager. The role involves work across four broad portfolios:
  • System Administration
  • IT Support
  • IT Policy and Procedural Development
  • Additional IT Project Works as they arise

System Administration
The IT Manager is responsible for maintaining the IT systems that are used to support Crossroads’ operations. This includes the responsibility for the creation and maintenance of user accounts and execution of user access reviews.

IT Support
The IT Manager is responsible for providing IT support to Crossroads staff.  An element of this IT support would also relate to the training and education of staff, to improve user’s IT knowledge; particularly in relation to system security.

IT Policy and Procedural Development
The IT Manager would work in collaboration with the Office/Business Manager to develop IT policies and procedures. These policies and procedures would be designed to improve the organisation's IT practices and support a risk and compliance based approach to data privacy and retention.

1. Email your applications to:

a) a short summary (maximum 2 pages) addressing the key criteria outlined in the Job Description. You will need to demonstrate how your skills and abilities are suitable for the role and how you can best serve Christ and his people at Crossroads.

b) a copy of your CV and

c) names of 2 referees;

2. Successful applicants will be shortlisted from this process and undergo further steps before proceeding to interview.